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City of Brookhaven


Signal Problem


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The residents along the Roxboro and N. Druid corridor have reached a breaking point. 2 YEARS after adopting city hood not one thing has been done about the SEVERE traffic issues between Peachtree and Buford. Last night was solid between those two roads which makes it impossible to navigate anywhere. And its all about to get worse with Christmas mall traffic. I really dont care that Buford and Peachtree are DOT roads, if the city was doing its job it would be communicating and making changes in conjunction with the DOT. 2 years is plenty of time to get it fixed along with fixing the nightmare that is Peachtree and N. Druid intersection. Yet not one thing has been done! I can't even get out of my driveway between 5-7 pm. I am really beginning to wonder what was accomplished by city incorporation. I guess we got a city hall.

also asked...
Q. Is there no power to the signal (Signal is dark)?
A. Yes
Q. Is the signal flashing?
A. Yes
Q. Is there a timing issue (too long to change from red, not changing at all, skipping cycles)? Please explain in detail:
A. Light is worthless

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