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For months, the King Charles neighborhoods in Raleigh (Lockwood, Gatewood, Longview Gardens, Windsor Park, etc.) have been overrun with stray and loose dogs. Many neighbors (and children and dogs on leashes) have been attacked while walking or even just in their own yards. People walk carrying clubs and sticks because the encounters are so frequent. Animal Control has been notified many times in the last two years, yet the situation has not improved. Multiple neighbors report that when they call Animal Control, officers show up to pick up dogs that are sitting or laying in yards, and when the dogs move a few feet away, they shrug and leave. Meanwhile, negligent dog owners let their pets out to run the neighborhoods, or keep their fences in such disrepair that the dogs come and go as they please.

Four dogs have been in the emergency room as a result of attacks by a regularly escaping St. Bernard at 2263 Rumson Rd., and the same dog has attacked children and families on the Greenway, as well as neighbors walking on the street.

Two pit bulls and a rottweiler regularly escape from homes at the dead end of Brighton Rd near Millbank and have repeatedly attacked neighbors, children, and walking dogs.

There is a boxer mix that lives on Somerset Road between Plymouth and Crabtree who is routinely allowed to run loose in the neighborhood.

There are two German shepherds running wild on Millbank today (Animal Control has been notified, as always), and dozens of other dogs have approached myself and other neighbors on the street in the last few months. The same dogs are allowed to "escape" their yards or homes regularly, and if Animal Control catches them, they end up back outdoors again within a week.

Enough is enough. DO SOMETHING besides showing up with a leash in hand and hoping the dogs will be agreeable about leaving the neighborhood.

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