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On March of 2009 the bank-owner of this property was ordered to secure the building with “opaque material” [i.e. plywood; order filed with Land Records]. Prior to 9/21/09 it only was required that the 1st floor of such buildings be “secured”. However, according to the city’s new Anti-Blight Ordinance passed on 9/21/09 THIS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. E.g., quoting the aforesaid document, sec. (d)(2?)(i) “The following factors may be considered in determining whether a building or structure is being maintained: missing or boarded windows…”& sec. (d)(1)(v) “The planting strip fronting the Premises shall be maintained in a safe condition, neat, mowed as necessary, and free of litter…” & sec. (d)(1)(vii) “Yards, courts and vacant lots shall be kept clean and free of physical hazards, rodent harborage and infestation, and shall be maintained in a manner that will prevent accumulations of trash, garbage, litter, debris and rubbish. The Owner of the property shall maintain the Premises litter-free…” If someone thinks I am misinterpreting this ordinance, PLEASE CITE RELEVANT ORDINACE & Sec. No. [A note to my neighbors: this is a re-post, since original seems to have been accidentally deleted.]

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