Illegal Dumping, Garbage & Debris Request PUBLIC PROPERTY Closed

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Illegal Dumping, Garbage & Debris Request PUBLIC PROPERTY


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There is garbage and shopping carts all along the ledge between 705 North and South lanes under the 11th St Bridge. This is dangerous for anyone trying to access this garbage and is also dangerous for anyone driving on either direction of 705. A shopping cart can do some serious damage and hurt someone. Have had to call highway patrol multiple times because of people walking down the off ramp of 705N when there is no shoulder for a person to safely walk.

also asked...
Q. Illegal Dump Site
A. Street - Impeding Traffic
Q. Select the Items Dumped
A. Household Items, Garbage, Hazardous Waste, Other
Q. Is Garbage/Debris Related to Homeless Individual/Encampment?:
A. Yes
Q. Directional Location
A. Median on left shoulder of 705s under 11th St bridge.
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