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A pedestrian bumpout was created near the cross-walk to the Court International Building. This sets up a dangerous game for cars heading EB on Franklin, as two lanes of cars on Franklin have to merge into 1 in a very short distance. (Cars often form two lanes on Franklin, because many cars are turning left onto the 94W on ramp, and it can take a while to make that turn).

If a Left turn lane were created on Franklin (for cars turning left onto Eustis and the 94W entrance ramp), then only one lane would travel straight on Franklin and it would be much safer. During LRT construction, it was set up this way for about a week, and it worked very well. A signal with a green arrow would also work, but would certainly be more expensive.

Please consider a left turn lane at this intersection, as this area is seeing more and more vehicle traffic with University under construction and turning opportunities reduced with the LRT line.

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