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Someone is repeatedly leaving large portions of food for the birds here in the park which is supposed to be somewhat of a bird-sanctuary. It is littering, and it is unhealthy for the birds. Today it is this blueberry crisp/pie and they left the pie tin with it. The other day it was a bunch of muffins in a plastic bag that was left there. Tomorrow it will be maple pudding or something. When the birds eat this stuff that is
Full of sugar and flour; they “feel full” and stop foraging, and are undernourished because the sugar and flour is not appropriate nutrition for them. If you’re going to feed wild birds for your own entertainment, the only reasonable food to feed them is seeds. Furthermore, plastic bags, pie tins and other packaging like that is unsightly and belongs in a trash or recycling bin. There is always a large amount of food there, at the same spot, and it’s always in some kind of packaging and it’s gross. I’m going to try and identify the person who’s doing it.

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