Boat with ulgy blue tarp parks on city street 365 days a year. Open

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I will first say when I see your stories, I'm impressed most of the time. Having said that, I doubt you get very far with my issue. I have lived in my Dutchman Meadow Sub. Div. for about 7 years now. This boat has been an eye sore as well as a distraction for those of us that have to avoid hitting in on daily basis. (It's already been hit twice, once by a driver in a small truck blinded by the early morning sun, and once by some children on a golf cart). This boat sit's here on our city street on our city street every day all year long. (NO NC Tags).
It once sat in his driveway, but our home owners told him more that it could not be in his driveway, due to our by laws. That's when he got smart and moved it to the street. Our neighborhood does NOT own the city street's and have no say over what sets or parks on a city street.
I have called in the past and have been told: Lady, you can call everyday if you would like, but if it does not obstruct the traffic flow we really don't care what is parked on the street. I then said oh, so I can park a Big Camper on the street and that would be ok with the city? He said as long as 911 officials can get by then they are fine with it. I say to him WELL I'M NOT.
Needless to say, it's been a year or so and we get a letter talking about how the Trash and Recyclable Tollout Containers are being left on the curb to long. I must say I told my husband this MUST BE SOME KIND OF JOKE!!!! I say oh, so it's a Health and Safety concern for a trash rollout container to be on the curb too long, but a BOAT IN THE STREET ON RHYNE SPRINGS ROAD CAN PARK 365 per year. (My city taxes are:1,445.74 per year) YES you better bet I'm upset everytime I leave my house on Dutchmans Meadow Dr. and turn left onto Rhyne Springs Rd. and then have to avoid hitting a parked boat or an on coming car everyday...all day long.
PLEASE help us we are begging you. Can I say one last thing about this CrAZy BoAT??? I stand in my dinning room looking out my bay window, and what is my view??? YES, it's a BOAT with a BIG BLUE TARP!!!!
Thank You So Much!
Tammy Byus

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