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DC 311


Roadway Striping / Markings


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U Street Corridor

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pothole, signs


At the intersection of 13th & U street NW heading north bound, there needs to be roadway markings that indicate who is to turn left, go straight, or turn right. Many times drivers "take up" all the lanes because it's difficult to tell who is going where. Is the driver going to turn left - then I should get in the right lane, or is the driver going strraight - then I should get behind him, or is the driver going to turn right, then I don't want to get behind him. NO ONE uses their signal, you figure it out when the light turns green and the cars move. Clear markings will help alliviate the problems. It looks like there is plenty of room for two lanes, one for a left turn and one for straight or turn right. JUST LIKE THE SOUTH BOUND side.

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