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Item On Public Way - Bulk


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There is garage spilling out, and a dealing car is of a building held together by rotting can't use that sidewalk because it is unsafe to walk near. ..

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Q. Day and time of dumping if known.
A. I have no idea. The garage has been a dump for a long time but over the past year it's gotten significantly worse.
Q. If dumped from a vehicle, provide a description of the vehicle. Include make, model and plate number if possible.
A. It's a garage. The car you can't miss if you have eyes.
Q. Do you know the source?
A. An absentee landlord would be my guess???
Q. What is the item?
A. A garage.
Q. Is it obstructing traffic or the sidewalk?
A. Yes! Also there is an abandoned car on the same street with its wheels sideways.
Q. How long has it been there?
A. Forever.

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