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A City resident has reported a problem with paint on the overpass bridge at this location. The resident received a reply from Pinellas Communications on 1/7/15 stating, "The dripping paint was originally turned into St. Petersburg for their attention (Graffiti Hotline). Since they had not addressed, and when inspecting this, it was recognized the paint drippings are located in a location on the overpass that is not safe for our staff to address. The paint goes down the beam which extends outward and is too high for any equipment we have to reach. This may be the reason too St. Petersburg has not been able to address either. A bucket truck would be the best method to reach this location to cover the paint. The paint is in two locations on the overpass and this is the second time our department has received a complaint for this, just a FYI." Can you please advise on how this issue will be resolved? Thank you.

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