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Investigate Blocked Basin Street Acknowledged

18052 Prevost St Detroit, Michigan, 48235 Show on Map Hide Map
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Investigate Blocked Basin Street


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The street ino longer has water in it, as it has not rained heavy in over a week. It takes several days for water to go down the sewer basain.
Since the street was dry today, I swept up all the thick dirt in from of my home that was from the flood. The sewer basin in full of Oak Leaves and Mud. The majority of the Oak Trees on our the easements north of the sewer basin.

also asked...
Q. Is there Water in the Basement?
A. No
Q. Is this Basin/Drain in the front, rear, or side of the property?
A. Front (Street)
Q. Has the basin been cleared from debris on top?
A. Yes
Q. What is the nearest address to the blocked basin, or the street name?
A. 18052 Prevost
Q. To identify the exact block, what two streets is the blocked basin between?
A. Curtis & Thatcher
Q. Additional Information
A. My neighbor was told that the basin would be cleaned by Vac Truck by end of April. End of April will be here soon.

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