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The problem is people do not know how to read a NO LEFT TURN SIGN. Maybe it is time that a drivers license cannot be renewed until drivers take a test and pass on what traffic signs indicate. They stop in the south bound lanes of Greenfield and stop the flow of the traffic. They need to under stand that you are not allowed to make a left turn under the 8 mile bridge. But then of course drivers just do what they want to do today, as no police are ever around to enforce the traffic laws. And even if the police were there and issued a ticket, the driver would never pay it. GREAT WORLD WE LIVE IN TODAY!

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Q. What is the nature of the issue?
A. Disregarding traffic control device
Q. Please provide additional details regarding the complaint above or, if the nature of the complaint is not listed above, please specify.
A. making illegal left turn under Bridge from South bound Greenfield to East Bound Eight Mile
Q. When are the violations occurring? Please provide date, days of the week and/or times when violations have been seen.
A. All Times
Q. Please provide the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle, if known.
A. No Answer Given

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