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Vicious dog on premises

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A. My downstairs neighbor has moved in a Pitfull that he tells us is a service dog, but whenever it see's us, it attempts to drag the owner's daughter by the leash, who is a teen, to get to us. The neighbor is leaving his teenage daughter unattended in the unit with the dog and she is walking it around the premises and she is taking it to the yard to use the bathroom and is not cleaning up after it. A few times we've gone outside and as we were walking out, the neighbor was walking out of his unit and the dog got spooked because it didn't hear us coming and it immediately goes into barking/attack mode. I have addressed this with my landlord who is the owner of the property. But the landlord tells me that the neighbor has told him that the dog is a "service dog." I find that hard to believe, considering how aggressive this animal is behaving around other people. My concern is the dog and it being in the possession of his teenage daughter. Again, she's taking it to the yard to use the bathroom. The yard is gated. She is not closing the gate behind her. If the dog happens to get loose and runs out of the yard because of the open gate, it can attack me, my 3yr old grandson, or anyone else for that matter. I work for any attorney who handles dog bite cases. I have seen first hand the damage a pitbull or just a dog in general can cause to a human being, if it is not properly controlled and contained by the owner. I would like this matter investigated. I would feel more at ease if I knew that this dog is in fact a service dog. Maybe it is still in training and that's why it's acting so vicious and appears to want to attack? I'm not sure. I would like to know if this dog is in fact a "service dog," as my neighbor claims is it. The landlord isn't really communicating with myself or my husband and he tells us that the neighbor has told him that the dog is a service dog, but has the landlord seen legal paperwork from the dog owner, stating the same?? Your assistance with this matter is very much appreciated. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the same. Thank you. Cynthia Garcia 413-781-0000 cynthia.careers09@gmail.com

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