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I have had many problems with my apartment on 492 east st. mold,electrical outlets exposed, kitchen floors so marred,and unkempt, promises things would get fixed, and never did. I requested a Plainville Health Inspector to visit my apartment and check my ongoing mold problem,electrical, and more only to be treated rudely and basically accused , that I have caused these problems. Come to find out the Health Inspector and my Landlord are good friends. All I wanted and desired is to be given a unbiased report, that was not the case,the under handedness that goes on with some town offical's has been over looked for a long time. How many more tenants where given faulty, and inaccurate reports,because of the old buddy system, I believe that some kind of investigation should occur to make sure everything is on the up and up, and that hopefully some time soon a Inspector can come to a location with no preconceived ideas of the tenant, because the Inspector forewarned the landlord, This is just another abuse of power in this town. Because its all about who you know. and that's a shame.

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