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Although this streetlamp was originally repaired within 2 days after it was first reported through SeeClickFix over a year ago on
01-31-10 (bravo for that) sadly it is OUT OF SERVICE AGAIN.

Unfortunately this past winter in January 2011, a car hit this same utility-pole with the streetlamp once again and it has been out of service for the past few months.

A new utility pole was installed, but the streetlamp was never repaired (the new streetlamp fixture just lays tied-up at the bottom of the utility pole un-installed).

Again, the lack of proper lighting at this critical (accident-prone) stretch of Old Country Road creates an extremely hazardous condition caused by almost a total lack of
visibility at night time. I truly pray that no one gets hurt or killed before this streetlamp is repaired.

ORIGINAL ISSUE--01-31-2010:
A critical streetlamp(s) has been out of service for over 6 months now. The defective Streetlamp that is most critical is between 603 and 607 Old country Rd in Dix Hills/Huntington Station.
This is a very accident-prone stretch of Old Country Rd which makes this situation even more dangerous due to extremely dark conditions at nighttime.

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