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During the Blizzard back in 2013, there was a parking ban in effect for all of
Meriden but it was not enforced.

Trafford St & Blackstone St could not have been plowed until after 4 days from
when the storm ended because of all the parked cars on the streets preventing
the plows to go down the streets on both side and do their jobs. We had to wait
until the bucket-loaders made a path for us to leave to get back to work.

My question to you is: Are the police going to enforce the parking ban this
time? Especially on Trafford and Blackstone St.?
You have almost 900 units here with at least 80% of them with both people in the
unit needing to work.

We cannot get to the main roads if people leave their parked cars on these
streets again and don't allow the plow to fit down the road to maintain a
pathway for at least emergency vehicles. Like I said, after the storm ended, it
took 4 days for relief to arrive and allow the people to get on with their

I am just asking not for a repeat of what happened 2 years ago. Part of the
problem is when the officer drives around announcing the ban oh their intercom
system, some of the vehicle owners are located at the bottom of the hill in
Blackstone Village 2 and can never hear the office over the intercom, so they
don't move them. You may have to have the officer go to the bottom of the hill
on both sides and announce the parking ban if you are planning to do that

I hope you are going to enforce the tow away portion to help keep the streets
clear for the plows and us.

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