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Water Conservation Issues (not in a Park/Parkway)


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1455 Earl St (on Patriot Way side of property) has started his one resident Drain Lake Mead/Send water to China project. This has already been going on 3-weeks. His backyard drain pipes (thru the fence) that are continuously draining onto his hillside (with no vegetation) should be routed under the sidewalk and thru a core hole in the curb to get the water to the gutter/storm drain system. Currently all he is doing is oversaturating all of the surrounding ground including neighboring private property, the city service area and the city street. There is NO reason any resident should have 24/7/nearly 365 drainage from their property for any reason. Sooner or later, I fear this is going to cause a sink hole, possibly in the city street on Patriot Way. This issue with the owner and current residents has been occurring non stop for about 10 years. What is the city going to do about it? Are you going to prevent a city street catastrophe? This property needs to be continually monitored by you. This owner feels the rules/standards that the rest of us follow, do not apply to him/her/them!

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