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Barking Complaint


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Neighbor owns a 10 year old Corgi named Bella that barks very loudly for 5-10 minute time frames, 4-5 times a day. The dog barks at delivery people, when the owner leaves in her car and at random times. The dog barks so loud that it disrupts my work calls. My office window is the closest room to where the dog barks (in corner of yard at front of driveway where the trash barrels are in the picture). I've already brought this up in a kind and open way to the owner who said it's "just how corgi's are" and that she can't do anything about it. She has tried to keep the dog inside more but with it being warmer out now, the dog is out more and constantly barks. It's the only main noise issue on our block and everyone agrees it's an issue. Other people have dogs and we have no issues.

The neighbor's niece, who lives upstairs, even complains that it disrupts her work day and is very annoying. Please help to inform the neighbor she needs to pay for training or keep the dog inside outside of bathroom breaks.


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