Acknowledged by: City of Fitchburg, MA

Illegal Dumping Acknowledged

99 Albee Street Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Fitchburg, MA


Illegal Dumping


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I live at 96 Albee Street. There's an apartment building behind me, 55 Canton Street. The bushes in the photo are mine. The people who live in the apartments keep dumping trash against my bushes. It's attracting rats, it smells bad, it's unsightly, and I can't trim my hedges because of all the junk. I believe their landlord lives in Texas, but regardless, this is disgusting and needs to be cleaned. It's been going on for years. 2 women, Sam and Jen, are responsible for this dumping. Please contact them to get it cleaned up. Thank you.

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Q. What type of materials were dumped?
A. Construction Debris, Furniture/Appliances, Hazardous Waste (Oil, Gas, Etc.), Household Waste, Tires
Q. Description
A. An ever changing pile of junk. Trash, motorcycle, appliances, tires, doors, everything.

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