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Macon-Bibb County


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2022 razy





pothole, traffic


Turn lane in front of State Bank on Riverside Drive headed towards Wimbish Rd. is backwards. It needs to be re-striped to be a left turn lane headed north. Before repaving, it WAS a left turn lane. Since the re-paving, the lane markers are also shorter turning into Riverview road headed south than they were before re-paving. The solid yellow line doesn't allow traffic to move over into a left turn lane going into the bank that used to be there....causing a back up of traffic (and angry honkers). I believe that it used to be white broken lines before.

Please observe traffic trying to left turn into State Bank in the late afternoons, especially Fridays. Please revert back to previous lane markings to make it safer for everyone!

I have previously talked to some DOT representatives about this issue, to no avail..so this info will need to be forwarded to appropriate authorities. THANK YOU!

also asked...
Q. Are you requesting pavement or street painting?
A. Yes
Q. What type of marking needs to be repainted?
A. Center Lines
Q. Has this requested area ever been painted before?
A. Previously painted, needs refreshing


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