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Snow/Ice on Street


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Our street has had a abnormally large snow pile since the blizzard last week. This pile is the result of Jefferson Crossing plowing the snow from their side of the street to the residential side. We have tried to remove as much as we can but the pile, which is approximately 8-10 feet wide and 5 feet high, is unmovable by hand and is now frozen. This pile has also caused issues with us being able to enter and exit the house, and a lack of trash pick up for the past two weeks. The spot we cleared to exit the house and place trash has become a parking spot for a non resident for the past week making things even more difficult. Please send some equipment to clean this area up while there are clean up efforts going around the city, and before the next snowfall comes. This is the second time that I have reported this issue with no resolutions. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

also asked...
Q. How long ago did a plow come down your street?
A. Over A Week
Q. Is there any snow cleared on your street, even one lane?
A. Yes, Traffic Lane Cleared


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