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Trash and Debris on Property


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The neighbors next door to this vacant property at 138 Brown Ave are taking over the property. There is now a swimming pool, trampoline, basketball hoop, fire pit, bounce house, tables, chairs, and all sorts of toys scattered all over the place. This land doesn't belong to them and as far as I know pools can't be in front yards. Especially someone else's property. They have many people over often creating so much noise all day long. I know this property is vacant and looks awful but these neighbors are making things worse. They have no cares for anyone other than themselves. It's not fair to myself or other neighbors to see this mess in the yard and deal with all the noise with the crowds that regularly gather there to swim, bounce, play basketball, jump, throw trash all over the neighborhood. I've even seen them throwing rocks at the windows of the vacant house. I feel like everyone is afraid to speak up but truthfully, it's just been rediculous.

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