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CenterLine Rumble Strip weaves drunkenly Open

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Were the workers drunk who milled the centerline rumble strip (CLRS) on Valley Creek Road? The CLRS is supposed to coincide exactly with the double yellow line, but this one veers back & forth so severely that it is impossible to drive on this road without repeatedly hitting the rumble strip.

This CLRS was so well thought out that a section of it, by the first house on Valley Creek Road, has already been paved over, to give the homeowner some relief from the constant noise of vehicles 'rumbling' past on a CLRS that cannot be avoided by merely staying in one's own lane.

East Bradford's Township Traffic Committee had the right idea in 2009 when it noted that, "because the lanes are already narrow and with the visual narrowness because of the guide rail and the bank, it could cause drivers to straddle the strips causing a hazardous condition as they round the blind curves in the other lane." The stated purposes of the CLRS, to "cause motorists to maintain the posted speed limit (25MPH) and stay in lane" are not helped by a poorly-installed CLRS that is activated even when a driver stays in his lane and drives at or below the posted speed limit.

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