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Yard waste has been at curb since 12/22 (one 32 gallon container). Our pickups are on Fridays. After yard waste was not picked up on the 23rd, I called the representative's number I was given (I have had to call him every week now for more than a month) to notify him 12/23 pickup had not been made, and that container was still at curb for 12/30 pickup. Pickup was NOT made then either. Container, and now Christmas tree, are still at curb.

I find it ridiculous that I have to call EVERY week to get yard waste picked up, and it STILL does NOT happen. We have yard waste consistently, this is at least the fourth time I've reported on this forum; and that doesn't include the multiple phone calls that we've had to make.

WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO GET THIS CITY-PROVIDED SERVICE? Trash and recycling run consistently. Yard waste is an entirely different matter.


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