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49–55 Hermon St Worcester MA 01610, United States Show on Map Hide Map
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Hi there! Not a pothole, exactly, but it's an suv sized area that is rectangular in shape and definitely seems to be sinking or getting beat into the surrounding asphalt due to driving/parking. I got out of my car last night and had to drop what felt like an extra two inches to reach the ground. Really hurt the bum knee! Also, the immediate intersection keeps getting kind of patched but it really needs to be fully replaced, it's a mes

Thank you for any assessment :)s

also asked...
Q. Is the hole an even square shape (indicating a trench from utility work)?
A. The large one is, the intersection one is not
Q. How big around is the pothole?
A. 5' x 7'
Q. How deep is the pothole?
A. About 1-2" (the intersection one is made up of multiple dips and holes that need constant filling due to consistent, busy traffic)

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