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Speed Hump needs to be removed. مفتوح

356-374 Malin Rd Newtown Square, PA 19073, USA عرض على الخريطة إخفاء الخريطة
تحريك علامة لتمثيل موقع القضية الخاص بك. سوف عنوان لا يتغير.

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There was a speed hump put in about 40 feet from the Stop sign at Malin and Barren Roads. Malin Road is a highly traveled secondary artery which acts as a border between Newtown and Radnor townships and extends into Broomall. It inconveniences law abiding citizens who follow the posted 25 MPH speed limit. I have witnessed vehicles drive over the hump going no more than 20 mph and damage was caused to the undersides of those vehicles. Heighten a police presence in the area and ticket speeders but don't inconvenience hard working tax payers with unwanted speed humps!

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