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Street Light Out


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This report isn't for a street light that is out, but rather for an extremely bright light that was installed near my home a few weeks ago.

The light is above the Bank of America ATM that sits on the Highland Street Honey Farms parking lot, near the corner of Highland/Ashland.

the light is as bright as a football stadium light, and shines through all my curtains and completely illuminates the backyards around it. it is obscene and disrupting sleep schedules. We cannot even sit on our patio at night without it blinding someone.

All it needs is some kind of shade or cover, so that it only illuminates the area it is supposed to. lights like this should not be negatively impacting the lives of the people who live around them.

also asked...
Q. Is the light completely out or cycling (flickering on and off)?
A. no
Q. Is the pole wooden or metal?
A. metal
Q. What is the pole number? (This is about eye-level on the pole.)
A. not sure


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