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Out back of Speros Pizza there is an alley that connects to Franklin St. Someone told me that they once said it was run off from the roof but it is NOT run off. That is way too much water and constant run off to be rain water. This has been going on for several years. This pic was taken a month ago and there was ice across the side walk and entrance to alley (a very dangerous combination). Someone can slip and fall or a car could slide into a pedestrian. Today Jan 6 there is even more ice all over that side walk. It's a mess and extremely dangerous. Either Sparo's is not repairing a broken pipe for some reason or there is illegal dumping of waste water. The is directly out back of the Sapros kitchen so we know it is coming from them, despite their once denying it a long time ago. We think this should be investigated. If this isn't repaired someone could slip and get seriously hurt if not already. Please send someone out to have a look at it. It's the entrance to the alley on Franklin St. right out back of Sparo's which is located on Harlow St. if you go to that spot you will see a LOT of ice, not just a thin layer but a build up of it. It's unprofessional that Sparos (or who ever is responsible) has not taken care of this already. Despite people thinking that Bangor Maine is some hick hillibilly city lets prove them wrong. We shouldn't have waste water draining into the street. The image attached doesn't show the current state of the ice which is much much worse today than when the picture was taken.

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