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Subject: Complaint about Waste Management Services in Elmwood Neighborhood

Dear Holyoke Department of Public Works,

I am a resident of the Elmwood neighborhood, near Laurel Park, and I am writing to express my concerns about the waste management services in our area.

Firstly, the driving behavior of the waste management trucks is excessively aggressive, creating an unsafe environment for pedestrians and other drivers. The speed and manner in which these trucks are driven are not suitable for residential areas.

Secondly, the handling of the bins after they have been emptied is causing several issues. Instead of placing the bins back where they were, they are being thrown towards the curb. This often results in the bins blocking the road and creating traffic hazards. Additionally, the bins are often left upside-down, causing any remaining liquid to drain into the street. This not only attracts unwanted wildlife but also leaves a rancid smell in the neighborhood for several days.

These issues are affecting the quality of life in our neighborhood and we would appreciate your attention to this matter. We understand that waste management is a challenging job, but we believe that these issues can be addressed with proper training and oversight.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to seeing improvements in the waste management services in our neighborhood.

Ian Manley
2 Laurel St, Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: 718.644.8160

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