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I was terminated from my employment at the Framingham Public Schools after an investigation that I created a hostile environment with a teacher by raising a topic that was not considered appropriate during a lunch break in which no students were present. I believe it is my right as a former employee to have a copy of the Human Resources investigation report. Emailing requests to those individuals who would expedite delivery of the investigation report to me, I have not received a promising response, suggesting possible retaliation for asserting my right (i.e. I was told my request would be forwarded to the Chief Human Resources Officer by the Staffing Manager, the Chief has not responded at all to my email messages); I suspect the Human Resources Department is secretly censoring the investigation report to conceal potential discrimination violations. I politely request a copy of the investigation report from the Human Resources Department of the Public Schools, which I believe it is my right to have. Please correct me if a public institution reserves the right to secretly censor a report regarding their decision to terminate me. It is my opinion that adequate training would have better informed me of what was expected of me; I was only offered Conflict of Interest training and a digital Handbook, which was quite minimal for the expectations I was held to as a substitute, namely that of a teacher.

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Q. Please provide details for your request.
A. Labor dispute regarding my former employment as a substitute teacher for the public schools. Town Clerk referred me to the Town Council, who referred me to an employment lawyer. A resolution is possible without litigation.

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