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City of Hammond


Vacant Home/Property in Need of Grass Cutting


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On July 18th, I wrote to inquire about the status of the above property, and Enforcement 1 explained the ongoing process necessary to demo/repair said parcel. On July 19th, I asked if current owner would be responsible to maintain the landscape and was assured she would be advised of her responsibility in this regard. It is now twelve days later, and the >three foot tall weeds and overgrown grass remains untouched. I pay close to $2000 per year for property taxes on a <700 sq ft single story house on a 56’x37’ lot, yet am forced to look day and night at a dilapidated house that one might expect to be found in Gary, not in Robertsdale , the alleged jewel of Hammond. I am incensed and offended that myself and other neighbors have had to beg, for years, for this property to be maintained. Please. Please. Please. Get the owner to at least mow, or send city contractors and bill the new owner. We deserve better.


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