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I have lived in Jersey City Heights for 8 years and use Pershing Field tennis court and Basketball court day or night time. We are very grateful to the Recreation Department for keeping it open early morning and nighttime as well. Now it is said to close after sunset! What the reason for this? When was this decided and why residents like us not informed earlier or ask for our input? For us who sometimes work late, it is a welcome relief to wind down with a game of tennis or basketball at night. Not once we have any issue of any kind and we always pick up our trash. Whatever the issue is, closing the park should be the very last thing as it defeats the purpose of the park. In addition we think it is better especially for the youth population to spend time at the court then doing other less healthy activities. Playing sports helps all people cognitively, physically and emotionally. So please let us know to whom to contact to discuss about keeping the park open at night or early morning and helping to resolve any current issues facing the tennis and basketball courts. Thanks for listening.


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