Waxa qiray: Worcester, MA

Parking Enforcement La qiray

12 William St Worcester MA 01609, United States Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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City of Worcester


Parking Enforcement


282 jeer



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Landlord at1p2 William St keeps holding the handicap spot from other residentstenantickup truc

sidoo kale waydiiyey...
S. How is the car parked illegally? (Without a Residential Parking sticker, too close to a driveway, etc.)
J. Landlord at 12 William St keeps holding the handicap spot from other residents
S. How long has it been parked there?
J. 5 hours
S. What is the color, make, and model of the car in violation?
J. Orange cone
S. What is the plate number of the vehicle (this question MUST be answered if vehicle is suspected of not having a residential parking permit)?
J. Wax Jawaab ah lama Bixin

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