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Hello -

I'm renting a condo in Framingham, MA that had ice dams that made my ceiling in my bedroom collapse. My landlord was alerted of the ceiling leak before the collapse, said they were going to come check the ceiling to make sure nothing drastic would happen while I was away on a work trip. When I returned 5 days later on 2/12, the ceiling collapsed and my landlord never did anything.

It smells horrible of mold and mildew and my bed has also been ruined and likely many other things I haven't identified yet, including my $2,000 couch.

Since this occurred my landlord has been hostile and hasn't been accommodating even though I've become homeless since the air quality is so poor in the unit. In addition, the leak has spread to the first floor as well and started to damage other belongings as well.

I had a vacation planned to Ireland which i couldn't change (nor should I had to since I'm only a renter) and my landlord was supposed to have fixed the issues while I was gone. When I returned nothing had been done and all of a sudden their story had changed to benefit their lack of solution. The last time I spoke with my landlord they were hostile and hung up on me. I live alone and pay $1525 a month and its severely impacting my wellbeing to not have a home. I'm currently living in a hotel and have hired movers to help me pack and move everything I own into storage.

Please help with this issue as I'm currently hemorrhaging money, am sick from the smell of mold while packing, forced to spend any of my free time dealing with this disaster and my uncooperative landlord.

Thank you

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A. Condo rental, ceiling collapse and uncooperative landlord


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