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83 Walnut Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 01420 Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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Fitchburg, MA

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Abandoned Vehicle on Private Property

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Blue truck has been parked along the road without being moved for 4 weeks. Unknown if it was abandoned or belongs to the residents one street over at 90 Payson St (multi family). It partially blocks traffic and I almost hit it every time I back out of my driveway. I like to clear the land across the street to keep the roadway open and safe, but I’m unable to do so with the car there for one month.

cũng đã hỏi...
Hỏi. Is the vehicle damaged? If yes, how?
Đáp. No Damage
Hỏi. Are you the vehicle owner?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. How long has the vehicle been abandoned?
Đáp. 4 weeks
Hỏi. What color is the vehicle?
Đáp. Blue
Hỏi. What is the make and model of the car? (ex. sedan)
Đáp. Dodge Dakota truck
Hỏi. What is the vehicle plate number?
Đáp. 5DSF28
Hỏi. What state is the plate from?
Đáp. Ma
Hỏi. What is the vehicle's VIN?
Đáp. Don’t know

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