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Investigate Manhole Cover Acknowledged

7815 Concord Ave Detroit, MI 48211, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Investigate Manhole Cover


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on 8/10 I made this problem known also its a ton of trash in this uncover drain causing the street to flood I was lucky that day but this the rain was so heavy the water was on the sidewalk last no where to so I get to seepage in my basement it came up through my drain literally now once agin I have to borrow money for some to clean up.agin it's so unfair because when my water bills do if I don't keep up with it No Question my water will get shut off its sad when areas in the city consider low income with low population of residents are put last on the list Dwsd smh you need to do better I see trucks through here all the time clearing drains around the factory aeras yet you continue to neglect the residents God don't like ulgy so imma just pray about & how you find an resolution to this situation

also asked...
Q. What is the issue with the Manhole Cover?
A. Missing Cover
Q. What is the shape of the cover?
A. Rectangle
Q. What is the nearest address to the manhole, or the street name?
A. 7815 Concord
Q. To identify the exact block, what two streets is the manhole between?
A. Miller & Strong

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