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City of Medford


Street Signage


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Need more signs indicating this is a one-way street. There are a lot of not from the area utilizing the new tennis courts at Dugger Park, and after parking and completing their matches, they forget/don't see signs indicating Mystic River Road is a one-way street, and will bust U-turns going the wrong way down the run-way. I believe this could simply be fixed by painting giant one-way arrows down the middle of Mystic River road reminding drivers it is a one-way street, otherwise someone is going to end up getting killed or seriously injured before the signs are improved.

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Q. Location or Landmark
A. Mystic River Road
Q. What is the issue(s)?
A. Sign Missing
Q. If a sign is down or missing, please indicate sign type.
A. Need more signs indicating One-Way street.

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