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Animal Control


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There are 2 small dogs in this home. They are left on the back deck of the home to go to the bathroom, they are not taken for walks, or put down in the grass to us the bathroom. They do not have water out there and are left sometimes for hours, today is Saturday 9/2 and they have been out there all morning. They are panting and scratching at the back door to be let in, they are also barking, they bark sometimes constantly day and or night.
Although they look to be healthy, it is awful to see and listen to the barking all the time.
We would like them to be reminded of proper care for the dogs, exercise necessity and barking laws.

also asked...
Q. Please describe the closest landmark to where the animal is located
A. Closest to Westfield Rd. End of Hillside Ave.
Q. Please be as descriptive of animal as possible (color, size, collar, etc):
A. Small black and white as best as we know


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