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Ridiculous potholes on Broad St. Acknowledged

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The moment you turn onto Broad St. from Capital Ave. It is just plain horrible. There is hardly any way to avoid any of those constant potholes. They are just one right after the other. I thought I blew my tire or one of my struts when I drove by today. Those potholes need to be fixed, that is a very busy street to have such a huge problem. I have to pass through there everyday and that pothole does not make the commute any easy. This issue needs to get addressed quickly.

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Q. What is the size of pothole?
A. No Answer Given
Q. What is exact location of pothole?
A. Right in front of the second driveway of the Shell gas station ( 335 Broad st. Hartford ) and the Capitol Child Development Center Inc. ( 450 Broad St. Hartford )

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