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Mon Sept 18 approx 8:45 AM
Second day in a row, in female latrine next to dog park at beach location, no access to toilet paper. This picture is AFTER requested from 3 different males whose job it is to address this. The Men's room, by comparison, has two working toilet paper rolls but females' restroom didn't make the cut with public works guy 😕 who "worked" on it. I still couldn't access t.p. immediately after he left. It seems he put in two rolls in our restroom, but the first roll was not started and second roll was already jammed in the hole, no dice trying to get a piece large enough to wipe my butt with. Didn't your city worker know that was unacceptable? I think he needs to fix female t.p. dispenser, as well as he fixed the mens' room t.p. dispenser. I feel second class here, like women's soccer team gets crap compared to men. Idk

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