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Cars are running the red light on Mack and Iroquois. I literally see it happen almost every time I'm at this light. Something needs to change - PLEASE help fix this. There are several families and children that use this intersection daily to and from school. Cars run the light AND use the parking lane to do so at times. The other day I had a car pass me on each side while I waited at the light.

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Q. What is the nature of the issue?
A. Disregarding traffic control device
Q. Please provide additional details regarding the complaint above or, if the nature of the complaint is not listed above, please specify.
A. disregard traffic light and improper passing
Q. When are the violations occurring? Please provide date, days of the week and/or times when violations have been seen.
A. ALL the time. I see it at least once every day. I saw it 3x within 10 minutes the other day.
Q. Please provide the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle, if known.
A. No Answer Given


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