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Dear New Haven Transportation, Public Works, and Public Safety,

The Orange street bike lane north and southbound from Trumbull St. to Willow St. is a death trap. I made the mistake of trying to commute to work on bike and had to swerve potholes and debris the entire time while worrying about traffic, buses, and poorly parked cars. This was the most unsafe ride I have ever had, anywhere - and this was supposed to be the major north/south biking artery of East Rock.

At one point, I had to try and jump a pothole and my rear tire didn't make it causing a flat tire and slightly bent rim. I am mad about my expensive commuter bike, but honestly, mostly just relieved I didn't tumble into traffic or hit my face. Some of these pot holes are more than 6 inches deep. A pothole for a car is an inconvenience with the possibility of tire/rim damage; a pothole on a bike however is a major safety concern- people have been killed like that.

All roads in East Rock are in horrible shape coming out of a long winter, understandably it will take some time to address this issue everywhere. But please, please, fix the bike lanes first.

If you are looking to commute on bike, strongly consider taking a bus or walking until roads are improved. New Haven City officials, please try riding a bike in one of these bike lanes and reporting back.

I will follow up later with photos

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