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This intersection was timed exclusively for the ease of access of motorists and cars.

It is frustrating because it is a major pedestrian thoroughfare.

I routinely see pedestrians crossing illegally here, because they know that it is a potentially 6 minute wait to get a legal signal to cross.

To compound the problem, the signal is barely sufficient to cross Whitney, let alone cross Whitney AND Humphrey. If I am beginning at Humphrey and Whitney near the shuttle stop for Yale, I literally can not cross to the other side of Humphrey and Whitney in the time allotted, although I am a healthy and able-bodied young person.

I have to jog to make it across in the time allotted. If I do not jog and have arrived just after the ped symbol has turned off, I have to wait an entire other cycle for BOTH crossings. I timed my wait the other day at 12 minutes to do both cycles.

I typically walk from my office at Edwards and Whitney to the food carts behind the Peabody and then back. It seems a common walking pattern--I see the same people (a few dozen) doing this walk every time I go.

I think this entire street has to be re-evaluated--it is not a complete street and currently no reasonable alternative exists for pedestrians or cyclists who need to use it to access Science Hill and various locations affiliated with Yale from East Rock.

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