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Fitchburg, MA


Nuisance on Property


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A. Trash and recycling Barrels left on street
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A. There is a house on 13 Pinard Ave that refuses to put there barrels away. They leave 4 barrels on the street in front of the house year round. It is an eye sore and there is no reason why the landlord can’t place them somewhere more hidden during the week. There have been many complaints. We can’t walk down the street without seeing raccoons near the barrels, tenants can’t walk to their cars at night because they have to walk past the raccoons or use flashlights. Nobody that I know leaves their 4 barrels out year round. It’s not fair for the people who live there and have no say. Please contact the landlord of the house. It’s really disgusting and renters deserve to have their trash barrels hidden during the week. This is an anonymous post

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