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I live across the street from my daughter's school (Vallejo Charter). we cross Curtis, then Tennessee to go and come from school each day. The school's parking lot is located across the street from the school. I was hit by a VCS parent while in the crosswalk on Friday, March 20th 2015. Crossing guards are volunteer. Tennessee is a busy street and now Curtis is as well. That intersection is crazy dangerous. I've since sat and watched drivers not stopping or slowing at the stop sign. I've seen people back up and park in the crosswalk. We are always almost getting hit. Well, I DID! I missed my daughter's first performance in the Talent Show that night. She has autism and I was worried about her. The case number is15-3709. I'm waiting for the police report, but was told they towed her car. We need more cautionary supports at that intersection. The school is Kindergarten - 8th. The parking lot is ACROSS the MAJOR street! A big, busy street. a few school signs covered by trees in unacceptable. We should have some like the ones on Rollingwood in front of the library. Blinking lighted crosswalks, yellow bumps approaching school and even a scanner showing your speed and the limit are some of the safety tools we need. I got hit and rolled off the hood onto the street. God forbid someone roll over child! Please contact me with any information or where I can go to make this happen! Thank You!

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