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Main Street in north Leominster from 1400 Main Street near our lady of the lake church up to the Lunenburg line is being repaved. There is a sharp drop of a few inches where the new pavement currently ends that you hit very hard (note no signs to warn) regardless how slow you go - for those of us aware. Trucks hit it hard all the time and it’s Very loud when they do - especially unsettling when during the middle of the night. I live a couple streets away and our house shakes.. not to mention the noise . I can’t imagine how it is for houses right on Main Street. There’s a drop at the Lunenburg line as well.. same thing. You can drive slow enough for it to not be harsh .. and it spans across the road so no getting around it. Please finish this soon or put something over it to less the impact. It’s hard to sleep due to the loud ‘bang!’s’ and vibration. Thank you .

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