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Traffic Light Issues


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After being fixed for all of one week, the crossing light at the corner of Stetson and Essex is *again* broken. Will it take a traffic fatality of an elderly person, kid on a bike, or mother pushing a stroller with her child to compel the town to implement a permanent fix that involves complete replacement of the light infrastructure? this is one of the busiest and most dangerous intersections in the town. how much time and money does it take to prioritize fixing this problem when there is precedent all over town to replace crossing lights - particularly on Humphrey Street and the wealthier sections of town. This is not a new problem!

Please do not just forward this message to the "contractor that services Swampscott's traffic lights because clearly this cover for "not my problem". What person at the DPW is responsible and when will there be action taken?

If Swampscott would like to continue shirking responsibility, please name contact information for a state or other agency who can better assist us.

also asked...
Q. Location of Traffic Light ?
A. Stetson/Essex
Q. What type of issue ?
A. crossing light does not function.

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