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I've lived near the intersection of Mechanic and Lawrence for over a year now and now feel confident enough in my observations to bring up the need for a stop sign for east going traffic at the intersection of Mechanic and Lawrence. This is a highly used crosswalk for residents in East Rock as they walk to and from the businesses on State Street. At times, crossing the street feels like playing Russian Roulette (e.g. anytime at night and especially at afternoon rush hour). Both other directions at this intersection require have a stop sign yet east traveling traffic does not. Yet, the cars that have the highest potential speed are the one ones traveling east on Lawrence as drivers have two unimpeded blocks to gain speed. I've noticed that cars often enter the right turn from Lawrence at a higher than safe speed. With customers exiting The Pantry and Mezcal often, I've noticed several near collisions between pedestrians and cars. Like I said, I'm just astonished that this intersection does not have a stop sign for east bound Lawrence traffic.


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