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Fitchburg, MA


Vehicle parking on sidewalk


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this happens almost daily around 630 at night. Both these cars park on the wrong side of the road facing against traffic. I’ve watched countless cars turning from Holt down Oak almost hit these cars and yet these people seem to think it’s legal to park this way on a two-way street. Listed in this category because there’s no other option for this type of stupid parking. I called the police several times and they don’t seem to do anything about it and people keep parking against flow of traffic. They are also parking and tenant parking for the brick building. There are signs on the side of the building, saying not to park there unless you live, or dropping someone off more or less. However, these idiots seem to park their all the time despite the fact they cross the street to go into the big greenhouse that has parking for about 15 cars.

also asked...
Q. Is this vehicle blocking a pedestrians ability to pass on the sidewalk?
A. Sometimes, yes
Q. Does this vehicle consistently park on the sidewalk?
A. yes


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