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Nightlife and Alcohol


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We have lived in the Marina on Chestnut street at 2441-2443
2 unit condominium building. The 2 unit house next to us at 2435-2437 Chestnut street is owned by Victor Marcus of Marcus & Associates converted this 2 unit building into a home. Victor Marcus has relocated his home and has rented his house, to a group of young adults, the last few years that continue to violate the neighborhood noise level with endless parties that I have called the Marina police many times at 1am, 2am and so on. They create garbage with cigarette butts, beer bottles and cans in front of our home. They play their music so loud it makes my bedroom walls vibrate. The police can only do so much. I would like to my rights as a home owner, what it takes and who to talk to, in order to get these parties stopped. I have had Multiply Sclerosis for over 10 years so therefore I am home ridden most of my life with severe fatigue and pain. This noise violation is stressful on my health and making life impossible with disrespectful renters next door. I want to follow protocol and hoping the numerous number of complainants with the Marina Police department would help discourage these renters to obey the law and have the respect for the families that live next to them. We all have young children and work for a living however with this noise level it makes sleeping very difficult. Today 4/4/15 the party started at 10am, it is now 6:30PM I have called the Marina police department twice and even had our Chestnut street beat cop, policeman Matt talk to them however with no luck. Please lmk what I can do to help make this noisy situation stop. Talking to our nosey neighbors is not an option. They do what they want with no regard to the people that live next to them.
Thank You
Yvette Pasco

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A. Excessive Noise

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